Let’s generate your own items!

OPSC Twitter Banner

This is a banner available to holders with 2 or more SUMOs. Display your SUMOs using the original banner.


This is a gif available to holders with more than 1 SUMOs. Create your own gif and interact with other SUMO holders.

How to Use

How to Use


Show off your original banner!

Display your SUMOs using a banner only available to holders.


Enjoy the community using a SUMO gif!

Send your morning greetings using a “GM” gif,And energize the community with a “DOSUKOI” gif.Enjoy the community more than ever with your own original “SUMO” gif!


OP Sumo club (OPSC) is a collection of 333 sumos on Ethereum Blockchain.
Free to mint (only gas fee required), No roadmaps, No promises but feel free to join the club and see where this community goes.
0xSumo will be building stuffs when he wants to!

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